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Everybody needs a hedge!

By In Hedging and Screening, Hot News, Products On May 24, 2012

Everybody needs a hedge!

Hedges have been popular with gardeners and garden designers for many centuries. Classic gardens use hedges to delineate areas and to define garden rooms; border paths, provide screens and to form wind breaks.

Today hedges are still an invaluable garden feature. As many houses now have confined spaces, close neighbours and pollution increasing; hedges are providing a natural way to help reduce these problems.

Hedges of various sizes can provide privacy, border paths, screen neighbours and help absorb pollution. They cool areas with living plants, hide and soften hard surfaces such as fences and paths; absorb CO2 and larger hedges provide habitat for wildlife.

Small hedges growing from 500mm to 1metre.

Our selection of plants for small hedges include Murraya ‘Min-a min’ and Acmena smithii ‘Allyn Magic’. Both can be used for a formal pruned hedge or an informal unpruned border hedge. They need to be planted about 300-400mm apart to form a low hedge reasonably quickly.

Acmena smithii ‘Allyn Magic’ pbr_10px_grey is from the lilly pilly family and provides vibrant coloured foliage throughout the year. It requires a moist well drained position and the flushes of colour are enhanced by small doses of fertilizer a couple of times a year.

Murraya ‘Min-a-min’ pbr_10px_grey is a moderately slow growing plant that is very hardy, drought tolerant once established and requires little maintenance. It needs a well drained site. The bright green foliage is enhanced by pretty white perfumed flowers.

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