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By In Hedging and Screening, Hot News, Products On March 12, 2012

Ever wanted a formal hedge or informal screen in your garden?

Syzygium ‘Aussie Boomer’ pbr_10px_grey makes and excellent native hedge in any garden. When grown in full sun it reaches 1m-1.5m high and 1m-1.5m wide, making this plant ideal for scenarios where a smaller, more compact hedge is required. This fast growing lillypilly – when planted in a row – quickly provides a thick, dense mass of foliage that can be pruned to create a formal hedge or left to establish an informal screen.

Syzygium ‘Lulu’ pbr_10px_grey is another native plant that makes an excellent screen. ‘Lulu’ pbr_10px_grey is a useful and colourful native alternative to ‘Aussie Boomer’ pbr_10px_grey when a taller screen is required. Growing to 4m ‘Lulu’ pbr_10px_grey displays colourful flushes of growth throughout the year, and has soft weeping foliage. This lillypilly – like ‘Aussie Boomer’ pbr_10px_grey – responds well to pruning. So don’t be afraid to give it a haircut. Though it has a maximum height of 4m ‘Lulu’ pbr_10px_grey can be maintained at lower levels if pruned.

It is suggested that both ‘Aussie Boomer’ pbr_10px_grey and ‘Lulu’ pbr_10px_grey be planted 75cm apart to create the hedge/screen effect in the shortest time possible. This also ensures that the hedge remains thick and dense between each individual plant. Water the plants well until established.


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