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Stylish Topiary Options

By In Hot News, Products, Topiary On January 24, 2012

For all those gardeners who are restricted to beautifying a patio or balcony within a unit complex why not try topiary. Topiary offers the gardener a stylish option for decorating the exterior of the home, and provides an instant effect. Lillypillies are a native substitute for the traditional ficus, and make an excellent topiary specimen.

When placed in decorative pots topiary makes an ideal green-life specimen for the patio in various living scenarios. Easy to water with a bucket or watering can, this product provides and excellent option for the water wise gardener. Maintenance is simple – frequently prune to maintain shape, this makes it easier on you and the plant, fertilize three times a year at the start of Spring, Summer and Autumn with a tube plant top dress available at any garden centre, and water three to five times a week depending on the time of year.

If one has a little more room to garden, Lillypilly topiary can be planted in the ground without having to worry about invasive root systems. Lillypilly topiary once established in the garden is hardy and is easy to maintain.

So why not try a Syzygium Aussie Boomer or Acmena Hot Flush topiary today.


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