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Tibouchina ‘Peace Baby’

By In Exotics, Hot News, Products On August 27, 2012

Tibouchina ‘Peace Baby’ pbr_10px_grey is an exciting new dwarf Tibouchina. This new release is part of an exciting new range of Tibouchinas hybrids called “Fantasy Flowers” TM.

Tibouchina ‘Peace Baby’ pbr_10px_grey is a compact shrub which grows to 1m high and 1m wide. ‘Peace Baby’ pbr_10px_grey displays beautiful large white flowers during Autumn to Spring. The new Tibouchina is very hardy, which makes it relatively easy for anyone to grow. Suitable for cool to tropical climates, this Tibouchina is ideal for pots or in the garden.

‘Peace Baby’ pbr_10px_grey  performs well when planted in moist, well-drained soils. The plant will also appreciate a light prune and fertilise after flowering.


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  • Terri 7 YEARS AGO

    I bought 3 of these Tibouchina's Peace Baby in April 2014 and they are loosing their leaves profusely. I am in Naples, Florida and avid gardener. But new to the flora here. Is this normal after flowering? They are in a sunny location, planted with composted cow mixed with the existing sand , watered properly, well draining and fertilizer was applied after flowering. I have two standards of the purple variety, not grandilflora, and one has been showing curled up burnt leaves as well as dropping leaves. There is almost nothing left. I don't over water either. The other one looks so much better and 8 feet away in the same environment. It does exhibit the brown curled edges but there is so much more green leaves and appears healthier. Any input to what is happening? Virus?

  • BGN Editor 7 YEARS AGO

    Hi Terri, The most common problem with Tibouchinas that causes browning and curling of the leaves is simply drying out. They have incredibly vigorous root systems. If you feel they have been well watered and not left to dry out at any point, it could perhaps be phytophthora in the soil. This is a fungal root problem that can cause a healthy plant to brown off and die. This problem is basically impossible for the home gardener to control. Tibouchinas are very susceptible to phytophthora. I hope this information helps.

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